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Of Falcons and Hawks: Rules for Birds of Prey

Birders are well-aware of the recent change in their checklists, which annoyingly relocates the falcons away from hawks, eagles, and other diurnal birds of prey, and puts them deep among the little birds– just before flycatchers. Here is the dramatic … Continue reading

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Does Convergence Imply God?

In the words of Job, in one of the oldest pieces of literature in the world, I now speak of wonders beyond my comprehension. In the world of Stephen Jay Gould, life evolves unpredictably. Creatures adapt to ever changing situations … Continue reading

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Of Mousebirds and Bushtits: Rules for Gregarious Gray Family Groups

This is one of those easy comparisons that any birder with experience in western North America and sub-Saharan Africa can make. Growing up in California, I was quite familiar with Bushtits. Little gray birds with long tails and stubby bills, … Continue reading

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