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Of Hummingbirds and Sunbirds: Rules for Jewels

Early European explorers were amazed by the hummingbirds of the Americas, with their dazzling colors and ability to hover and even fly backwards.  Across Africa, Asia, and Australia, however, hummingbirds have a near-equal.  While not quite able to maneuver as … Continue reading

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Of Wagtails, Wheatears, and Plovers: Rules for Open Country

As we move from conspicuous birds of wetlands to more open country, such as desert and short grass habitats, other rules for plumage and behavior prevail.  Many of the birds maintain conspicuous patterns, but revert to more bold black-and-white patterns.  … Continue reading

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Contingency and Convergence: Are the Gods Plagiarists?

There are two concepts regarding the process of evolution: contingency and convergence. Contingency This theory holds that species evolve, due to natural selection, randomly according to whichever new adaptation is useful. The present is contingent on random events that occurred … Continue reading

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